Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

For one book that was so hyped up on social media, I hate to say it, but it did not enthral me as I had first hoped when I picked this book up to read.

Stalking Jack the Ripper is a well laid out concept for a story, as no one, today is for certain as to who the Ripper was and Kerri Maniscalco had amazing ideas incorporated. However, there were times that I couldn’t help but sigh in frustration at what the main characters were doing at more than one point in the story.

The main protagonist is Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a seventeen-year-old girl from a rather aristocratic family, who finds forensic science fascinating and enjoys diving into cadavers over silk dresses and tea parties. The deuteragonist is Thomas Cresswell, is a young man studying under Audrey’s uncle – Dr Jonathan Wadsworth, in forensic pathology. It is during a late night autopsy that these two briefly meet in the first chapter, but not officially meet until the next day in Dr Wadsworth’s classroom.

As the story goes on, the events of history play out around Audrey, Thomas and the rest of the Wadsworth family and associates, with the victims all linked in a rather odd way. They are all known associates or former workers for Audrey’s father – Lord Edmund Wadsworth. Is Audrey the child of a serial killer, or is it mere coincidence?

Well, I will not spoil the ending here, but I had an inkling of who “Jack” was about halfway through, and was properly confirmed right at the final climax of the book. I found even the ending a bit lacklustre, but that is just me. I may have to give the sequel a read to give the series a proper chance.

Overall, I liked it, but it was not one of my most enjoyable reads, even for 2018. It could have been part of the reason why it took me almost a month to finish it, maybe… But I am hoping to at least read the next book at some point once I have got a copy in my hands.

I gave this one of my lower ratings of 2.5 stars out of five. It just got a bit too predictable for me, but I am glad that I finished reading it.


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