Owlcrate Fearsome Fairy Tales box

I haven’t written a review about any of my subscription boxes in a while, so I thought I might write about my thoughts on my latest Owlcrate box.

It is the first box sent out for 2018, and the theme is Fearsome Fairy Tales. And I have to say, it is one of my favourites that I have bought so far.

Complete unboxing of Owlcrate Jan 2018 box

This box, in particular, took a while to get to me, most likely due to the remains of the Christmas season, New Years and people going away for the holidays, but when I got it, I was giddy with joy. I cracked it open and I was shocked. With eyes wide, I pulled out each item, looked them over and was just in awe.

How do the people at Owlcrate come up with all of this?!! It is just amazingly perfect.

Wax Burner by Owlcrate


The first item I pulled out was the Owlcrate exclusive burner. So cute from most angles it looks almost black. The Owlcrate owl face printed on the bottom. I tried not to look at the spoiler card too much, so I wasn’t sure on why it was there… that is until the next item came out.

Wax Melts by Spireside Candles


Next item was some little wax melts from Spireside Candles. So now the burner made sense. These melts were inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel and smell of gingerbread, burnt sugar and a hint of vanilla. Least to me. I might hold off on burning them, least until Winter, then the house can smell like baking.

Bracelet by Authored Adornments


Next was a bracelet made exclusively by Authored Adornments. It is made of felt and has a glass charm on it with a quote from Rapunzel. So cute and it just fits me perfect. As well as that, the charm can easily slide off and you can just have the felt band on.

Pillowcase designed by Stella’s Bookish Art


This item surprised me fully. I literally gasped when I pulled it out. A full pillowcase designed by Stella’s Bookish Art. It is just gorgeous, I really do not want to sleep on it. EVER!! The quote on it was inspired by the Sleeping Beauty story. I may have to put an inner in it at least once (for photographic purposes only) but it will not likely go on my bed anytime soon. Just way to lovely to look at.

Art Print by Anne Lambelet


Next item I grabbed out was this beautiful art print. The artist is Anne Lambelet and the print is (obviously) inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. I just love it when Owlcrate adds an art print to their boxes, they are just so unique show each of the different artists’ styles. One day I will get all of the art prints I’ve gotten framed and up on the wall for all to see. (Forgive the camera flare, was wanting to show all the colours and it was getting dark.)


Now for the last item. The book. This one I did not know how to react. Reason for that was I had literally only just bought a paperback copy not two days before the box arrived! I do love this edition all the same, but, I was thinking of taking the paperback back to the shop, but … I just couldn’t, and they look so good together. Anyway, this book has an exclusive cover only available through Owlcrate and it is just stunning. It is also signed by the author. That’s right! No bookplate to stick in this round. And of course, the book came with a letter from the author, as well as a quote on a sticker with the white cover theme.

Gorgeous work as always Owlcrate! Two thumbs up and Five Stars!!

February’s theme reveal card


The next theme for the February box is Hidden Worlds and Owlcrate has revealed in this box one supplier for it.

You’ll receive an extra large and exclusive item from Evie Bookish! This is a special item we’ve never included before! (Psst… it’s not a mug!) 

If I didn’t have so many big bills this month, I would have let my subscription roll over. I do look forward to seeing what everyone else gets and will hopefully get the following months box for the next renewal.

Hope you enjoyed this. If so, leave a like down below, maybe give a follow if you want to see more.

Until next time.

~ D


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