Review: Westside – Season 3 Episode 4

Well, here it is. The big reveal of young Cheryl West in Westside just screened, and spoilers!! Luckily, the actress was revealed in the few days leading up to the episode, and for the moment I think they have got it pretty close.

Screenshot from Three Now of Wolf (Ireland) and Cheryl (Ashleigh Cummings) at the West house. © Three Now

The anticipation for this episode was insane for me, and I got to say it did not disappoint. It picks up where the previous episode left off, with the Wests reeling over the death of Evan Lace. Wolf is looking to go into a downward spiral, Rita and Ted are at slight odds, and Eric, Sparky, and Falani are just freaking the f**k out. Yet even I had a feeling as to who it was, which got confirmed when ‘the ghost of Evan Lace’ came to Sparky in the night.

Ngaire and McCarthy have a battle over what each other wants; Mike wants her to leave the Galleria, while she wants to stay. A small plot for the show, but not what I signed up for, though it puts a light onto the older Ngaire we see in Outrageous. Aside from this, the battle between Rita and Trish Miller is gaining momentum. With Jeanette claiming assault from Sparky, as well as the local Constable knowing the Miller family from down country.

It isn’t until around the 38 minute mark – nearly the end of the episode, that we finally get to see a young Cheryl (played by Ashleigh Cummings). Along with what I deem as Cheryl’s and Wolf’s song – Be Mine Tonight by Th’ Dudes, as well as a subtle hint of the lepoard print Robyn Malcolm made iconic with the character.

Young Cheryl (Ashleigh Cummings) © Three Now

I was grinning from ear-to-ear watching these two duke it out, before they go at it on the counter. Had to laugh at her first line though, “Smoking’s bad for you” considering she is a smoker in Outrageous Fortune. Habit picked up from somewhere…

It was just… Holy hell, it kept me on the edge of my seat seeing these last few minutes, I am ready for the next episode already.

On a side note for a minute. Not long after the third episode aired last week, the production company – South Pacific Pictures, announced that there will be a fourth season of Westside. Strangely, I am not sure on how to take that. I mean, I love what the creators have done with the concept of a prequel, showing the origins of characters in Outrageous Fortune and all, but there are somethings that are normally best left alone.

Least this way, fans can come up with their own ideas of what happened between certain points in the story timeline, and can make their own stories for something that they love and enjoy. At times I don’t like having the entire timeline laid out for me. It leaves no mystery to it, and it just gets boring after a while.

But anyway, back to the show. I thought that the episode was absolutely funny, dramatic, and a good bit of release all at once. We finally meet Cheryl, see how crazy Jeanette is and hopefully see the dynamic relationship building between Rita and Cheryl – aka. Slutty Pants.

Top notch episode and I am never going to miss a single one. Love this show and it’s predecessor way too much to let it go.


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