Review: Second Look Book Lit Box

I haven’t written much on here regarding some of the subscription boxes that I have gotten in the mail recently, but I will certainly try to be more on top of them in future, especially with the one I am about to write about here.

Look Book Lit Box logo

Look Book Lit Box is a New Zealand based Bi-monthly subscription box that has been set up to accommodate to the book fans in the Southern Hemisphere – New Zealand & Australia more specifically whom may not be able to experience any other bookish subscription box due to pricing and freight from the US, UK, and even Canada. Not only that, the books are not any one particular genre. They can be anything from biographical, to contemporary, and everything in between. It’s not all just about Young Adult books. Link to the shop is here.

The second boxes theme was ‘Colour Me Gold’ and it was a stunner.

Complete unboxing of the Colour Me Gold box © daysoflostreading89 Instagram

Though there wasn’t many items in the box, they are all pretty darn neat. The items are:

  • Book: A Forger’s Tale by Shaun Greenhalgh. It is about a man who has been dubbed  ‘Britain’s most successful and infamous forger’, whom had fooled some of the greatest world museums with his work, which he made in his parents garden shed! These are his memoirs.
  • An art print from Ink and Wonder Design. This is so cute! Ink and Wonder also does bookmarks, and I really wanted this print in bookmark form. I will no doubt buy it at some point, but for now I will admire this. “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke Niffler”
  • A scented candle from Flickering Books. This one is called Niffler’s Gold and smells amazing! The scent is called ‘Evening in Paris’ and smells a bit like a fruity perfume with maybe a hint of citrus… I’m not sure, I’m not too great on smells.
  • A Rose-gold toned pen, so we can write down all our golden ideas, notes, thoughts, or anything that comes to mind.

This is a truly wonderful box, and it’s idea of covering not just one type of genre in books is great. I’ve gotten two amazing books that I would never have fully considered if I had seen them in a bookstore.

The next shipment of this box is less than a week away at this point, so if you want this box, go to the shop link above and subscribe! Also you don’t have to pay for shipping. It’s FREE!!! Yes, that’s right. And it doesn’t matter which subscription you choose, it will be free… FOREVER!!

Sadly, I am not a rep for Look Book Lit Box, but there are four over on Instagram who have their own special codes to give you 10% off your first purchase. Links to their Instagram profiles are below.

@aimzlovezbooks          @miserybookchick          @dancing_through_dreamscapes          @wanderingbookishsoul


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