Review: Westside – Season Three Episode 1

Holy Moley!! A third season and it just keeps getting a whole lot better! Sadly I couldn’t write this right after I saw it, as it had not actually aired on TV yet, and I also had a few night shifts with work, but now I have a moment or two to get my thoughts of it in order and not completely fan-girl out.

Right… Where to start? Well, as the post name suggests, we are into the third season of the prequel show of one of New Zealand’s beloved shows of the last decade – Outrageous Fortune.

Westside Season 3 Banner from Three Now website

As well as this, it has finally reached the point most of New Zealand has been waiting for: the meeting of Wolfgang and Cheryl. Though, sadly it did not happen in this episode, however we did get to meet Jeanette; Cheryl’s older sister that ends up in the Wairarapa, as well as briefly seeing a young Mandy (the Mauler) and their mother; Trish Miller. And yes, for fans who think that Cheryl is the eldest, WRONG. It is officially Jeanette, Cheryl, Mandy. Sorry. [NB: I know any Wiki page is fan-based and fan-made, but I have also seen Outrageous Fortune enough times to listen and keep note of the majority of the storyline, or canon.]

Anyway, first things first, recap. Season two left us with Wolf (Reef Ireland) leaving the iconic West home, Rita (Antonia Prebble) is distraught at losing her son, but Ted (David de Lautour) and his gang have just pulled one of their biggest jobs ever. A whole lot of cash from South African’s that came to New Zealand to buy land, and watch the Springbok tour of 1981.

It is now three months later, Ted and Rita have returned from their adventure away in the US, coming home to find their castle in a total shambles, and a young, blonde guest in their bed. “Party’s over!” Rita tells her before the girl hisses at her and jumps past and out the door before either one can grab her. You read right, ‘Goldilocks’ as Rita calls her HISSED, like a feral cat, which made me laugh so hard. As well as that, she had run off with all of Rita’s jewellery!!

Wolf on the other hand is working still for Evan Lace (Dean O’Gorman) helping him buy up property and the likes, got his own place to boot where his life is “one big party”, yet he seems rather bored at this moment. Least until he meets ‘Goldilocks’ whom had helped his mates; Eric, Sparky, and Falani knock off her own family’s dairy. It was not until after the two had sex, that the audience found out her name was Jeanette.

I’d had a feeling as soon as she turned up in the dairy, but I wasn’t quite 100 per cent until she rocked up at Wolf’s place to party with his mates. Reason for that is in Outrageous, an older Ted (the late Frank Whitten) tells his grand-daughter, Loretta (also Prebble) how Wolf met Cheryl, aka. Slutty Pants. To summarise, they met at the dairy her parents owned, and they had sex right there on one of the freezers, or counter. It has been a while since I’ve watched it, but I have always remembered that part.

I really loved this episode, I could not stop grinning as it went on. My partner came in and watched half with me, and even he got a bit engrossed with it. I cannot wait to see the rest of the season, which I have heard is to be the last one for Westside, though I have not seen it written anywhere. Can anyone confirm this?

And that is where I will leave this review for now.

Oh, it is a rating of five out of five as well, because I just love this show. Two thumbs up as well!


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