WWW Wednesday {12 July, 2017}

With these posts, I did not realise how often they took place. For some reason I thought possibly once a month (which is what I have done here this time) but by the looks, it is not.

I first saw this on Aimee’s My Life in Books blog and it is also being hosted on the Taking on a World of Words blog, and it has had me wondering as to what it is. So, here is what goes down – Answer the next three questions in a post, share the link in the comments thread on Taking on a World of Words – I personally, will be leaving it in both.

Anyway, here are the three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:- 

Just like last time, I have a few books on the go. One is what I wrote about in the last WWW post; Surrounded by Spirit by Kelvin Kruickshank. I am now a little over a two-thirds of the way through it and am finding it a somewhat peaceful read. It is enlightening to read on how people have been affected by having their loved ones come through at some of Kelvin’s shows.

I have only ever gone to one psychic reading show in my life, and sadly it was not one of Kelvin’s, but it had a similar feel to it as I read through this book. Peaceful, enlightening and even if you didn’t get a reading, you come away with new found information that brings a bit of peace from your own situation with death and the spirits.

Three Dark Crowns cover art

The newest read I am currently going through is Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. I was a bit confused at the start, wasn’t sure of how this world worked, but I am now rather enjoying it. Especially with the dynamics of the three sisters – Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katherine, even though they have not seen each other in ten years they still seem to have a connection to each other. Even though two of them will likely be dead before they are properly crowned.

I am not quite half way through it, but I do hope to possibly finish either one or both of these books by the end of this week, when I am not too busy with work, or with stuff at home.

Recently Finished:- 

I have finished quite a few books recently, but the one I want to discuss here is the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series: Blood Promise.

Vampire Academy: Blood Promise Cover

In my review of the book, I mention that I found Rose to be a bit of a whiny, girl at a few points, which she was. But thankfully she redeemed herself and was able to do what she set out to do. For my full review, click here.

It wasn’t an overall bad read, there was just quite a few parts with Rose where I was just tempted to skip over, or even yell at her, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? GET ON WITH IT! NO!” as well as a few others that I will not write here.

I have enjoyed the series so far, and cannot wait to read the last two books in the series… once I have bought them, that is.

Reading Next:- 

Much the same as the last one. I cannot decide on what to read next. Although I have changed some of the books from my last WWW Wednesday. I still really want to read The Shelters of Stone by Jean M. Auel, as well as The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.

The other book that I have that I am tempted to read is called 1914: Riding Into War by Susan Brocker. It is the first in a series of five books based around New Zealanders that served in the First World War, which is called Kiwis at War. I am not entirely sure on if it is a work of complete fiction with the leading characters, but I do know that it will cover events that had most likely taken place with New Zealanders as they entered into the fray in Gallipoli during the War.



    • It isn’t too bad so far, but like I said it took me a while to get into it and understand. I’m not sure if I fully understand the world of it still, but I’m trying 🙂 Thank you, I will have a read of it in a bit, least once I’ve sorted a few other things out at home first.


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