Review: Asylum

Finding something enjoyable to read that peaks my interest regarding research does not happen all that often. And this read, certainly did, or at least brought back my interest in old buildings that I use to see when I lived in Auckland. None more so than the old hospitals.

Cover of Asylum by Madeleine Roux

Asylum by Madeleine Roux is set in just a place just with those feelings. It starts off rather slow, with the introductions of the main characters, Dan Crawford, Abby, and Jordan, but gets into it once a mysterious photograph appears in Dan’s desk drawer. Surprisingly, the person in the photograph looks exactly like Dan! But with glasses.

I will say, there were times when I was reading this book that I got a little bit freaked out. And I was rather curious as to what the hell was happening with Dan. For a while I thought that he may have actually had black-out moments, least until the climactic reveal (no spoilers here)

Another thought that kept coming to me as I read this was a number of places where I use to live that had a rather similar feel about them. There are hospitals that have been around for decades in my hometown and when I use to go past them at night; I don’t quite know how to explain it, but they just had this vibe about them, as if there were some unsettled ghosts, or beings unseen there that wanted to be heard.

But back to the book. I did like some of it, especially the mystery part of the plot, it was like something I as the reader was hoping to uncover alongside Dan, Abby, and Jordan, and I wasn’t sure as to which way it would go. I really enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to reading the sequel at a later date, hopefully sometime this year. I couldn’t stop reading as the dramatics came hard and fast in the last third however. I got right into it that I did forget what time it was some nights.

Overall, I found a good read, even if it was a bit scary at times, or even confusing, but at least now the characters are established and I will be able to recall them for when I get onto the next book in the series,Β Sanctum, which I don’t currently know when I will begin reading. I give Asylum 3.5 stars out of 5.

Well, that is now officially me caught up with the books I have read recently. I do hope to be more onto it writing reviews and posts in the future, when I’m not too busy at work and such. Until the next review readers.


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