Review: Blood Promise

Of all the books I have read so far in this series, this one both annoyed me, and enthralled me at the same time. One of the few reasons I keep reading this series is due to how it will end, since the film versions did not take off as well as initially hoped.

Vampire Academy: Blood Promise Cover

Blood Promise is the fourth installment for theΒ Vampire AcademyΒ series by Richelle Mead, following the antics of a young Dhampir named Rose Hathaway. A quick recap from the previous book – After being kidnapped and seeing a close friend die, Rose was not doing so well, seeing her friend Mason everywhere. Not only that, she had fallen for her instructor, and he her and they had finally given in to their feelings. Not long after that, St Vladimir’s, the school she attended with her friends was attacked and her instructor – Dimitri was lost. Turned for lack of a better term.

Hence the plot of this book. Rose made a promise to herself to seek Dimitri out and put him properly out of his misery. Leaving her friends, especially her closest friend behind – Lissa Dragomir, whom is also her spirit bound mate. She leaves St Vladimir’s, and heads for Siberia, having been told by Mason – her dead friend, that was where he headed. She made it to Russia, and encountered something completely new to the secret world of Dhampirs, Moroi, and Strigoi – Alchemists. The Alchemists are humans dedicated to hide from the rest of their kind what happens with encounters with the Strigoi.

Not to go into all the minor details, but I’ll say this… Rose found him, and for a while was a rather whiny sort of person who hadn’t realised what was really going on. But at least she fought the idea of becoming what Dimitri is and eventually sorted out a few other things happening back home. She even got to meet her father, though she did not find out till she made it back home. A few other things came up, but I won’t spoil it for anyone that has not read the book, or the series yet.

I am tempted to buy the last two books in the series, but I might just hold off for a bit, least until they either go on special or they go down in price a bit online. When I get a set of books, I normally try to keep them in the same format, and in this case they are ebooks.

Anyway, forΒ Blood Promise, I give it a rating of 3.5 stars out of five, just because I got rather annoyed with Rose when she was in her whiny teenage girl stage with Dimitri. I could of tried to slap some sense into her, but I am no dhampir so it may not have worked anyway.

My next review will be another ebook that I finished recently, and it has been briefly mentioned in my first ever WWW Wednesday post a few weeks back. Keep an eye out, it may go up in the next few days. Until next time readers.


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