Film Review: Beauty and the Beast DVD

I do wish I had gone to see this film when it came out in the cinemas, but being a veteran when it comes to anything and everything Disney, I gave the film the benefit of the doubt that I will end up buying a copy of the movie at some point. And that I certainly did that today with this movie.

Theatrical Poster & one of 2 DVD covers

The live action version of Beauty and the Beast is certainly a beautiful take on an animated classic from Disney. There were parts; mostly the iconic songs, that were done almost exactly the same, word-for-word, as well as shot-for-shot, but at least where the animated version had holes in the story, the live action redeemed to fill them.

Emma Watson will always be Hermione Granger to me, but she pulls Belle off beautifully. She is Belle to a Tee, even her singing voice resonated nostalgic feels of the original for me. I had to giggle a bit in the scene as she walks into the castle and held a massive… well, stick, and I don’t know if any other Potter fans did this, but I quite literally pointed and yelled to myself, “WAND!” even though it looked more like a broom handle.

Even this Gaston, played by Luke Evans from Dracula Untold and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is in my opinion rather likeable, almost cheesy at times, and yet the change in him is not as noticeable until he throughs Maurice into the wagon to the asylum, unlike the original version where his whole facial colouring changed as soon as he had a plan to con a marriage.

The dance scene with Belle and Beast was so… it gave me chills, it was just perfect. Even all the other small details throughout the film I just loved seeing. I am really glad that I did buy the DVD, even if the only other special feature is a music video, the movie is still an amazing feat.

I give the DVD 4 stars out of 5. A few things could make it even better, but it is still an amazing film nonetheless.


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