Review: Clockwork Princess

There have not been many series of books that have pulled me into their world. Only one before this has really done it. The world of the Shadowhunters has got to be my new favourite world, especially after reading The Clockwork Princess.

© daysoflostreading Instagram. Posted June 1, 2017.

Princess is the final installment for the trilogy series The Infernal Devices (TID) by Cassandra Clare, though thankfully not the end of the Shadowhunter universe – The Dark Artifices (TDA) series will make an appearance here in the near future. I have to say that this one was my favourite out of this series, but I loved all three as a whole.

In case you haven’t read TID, or even The Mortal Instruments (TMI) (a series of six books set in ‘modern day’ New York – from around 2006 to late 2007/8 I think) Shadowhunters, also known as Nephlim that protect humans from the Downworlders – Vampires, Faeries, Werewolves, Warlocks, etc. And all while keeping this world a secret from the Humans, or Mundanes.

Back to the book at hand. For the setting of Clockwork Princess however, and same for its predecessors – The Clockwork Angel and The Clockwork Prince, it is set in Victorian London. Almost 150 years before the events of TMI. It is told mainly from the perspective of Tessa Gray, whom has still been trying to figure out who and what she is exactly. For she is no mere human, she is a warlock. And not a warlock, for she has no telling trait, apart from the fact that she can change into different people.

Everything from the start of the book is… well, action. After a bit of calm, a battle ensues with a Demonic worm at a Shadowhunters estate. This worm being a transformed Shadowhunter. Demon Pox appears to be a nasty business.

The interactions among the other Shadowhunters is rather cute, in my opinion, especially when it comes to the matters of the heart, such as with Cecily and Gabriel, and Gideon and Sophie. Though this was not as prominent in the original series, it appears to have become a part of the world, though whether it is part of the next series is yet to be seen by myself.

Anyway, I had already spoiled myself with what was to happen in the end, having been rather impatient to find out, but, it is nice to see that Tessa somehow gets two happy endings with the boys she had ended up loving. Not many people in fiction or real life can say they have had that happen to them.

I can’t wait to see what her and Jem get up to now in the new series and cannot wait to dive into Lady Midnight at some point this year. For Princess, I give it five stars, even if parts of it were somewhat predictable, I still enjoyed it so much.


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