GoT – Season 6 – Episode 2

Well, I can see already many people on social media have posted aboutΒ what has happened on the latest Game of Thrones episode for season six – “Home”. I have for the moment, promptly stuck my fingers in my ears and humming loudly to avoid listening to spoilers. What the following post will entail is my initial thoughts of the episode as I see them taking place on the screen in front of me.Not Listening, I'm not listening

If you don’t want to know, just follow along with Gollum and Ross… and DON’T click the read more link below!!!!Not listening - Lalalalala

I always enjoy the recap and the opening credits, though it is also good to be able to fast-forward through them when the episode has been recorded the night before. And especially now with Bran making an appearance this season!!!

Flashback!!! Oh my gosh! I could honestly cry seeing young Ned and Benjen. Damn social media again, I saw a post on this on Tumblr and just thought it was a fans perspective…. NOPE! Even Hodor’s back story sounds like it could be interesting as well. Poor Meera though, I hope she wasn’t doing this moping out of sight last season.

MUTINY AT CASTLE BLACK!! But I have to go with Ser Davos. I hate what the others did to Jon. All they seem to see is the short term. Oh… crashing…

Haha! what is a crossbow bolt going to do to a giant, you idiot!! I can see young Ollie’s anger. Vengeance doesn’t do well to anyone in the long run boy. Now… bring Snow back!!

Well, all talk and…. yep. Dead. Nice work from the Mountain.

I actually feel bad for Cersei at this point, not being present at her own daughter’s funeral. Surely after the hardship of walking from the Sept to the Red Keep it would count for something.

And here come the extremist movement of the Sept, looking to take Jamie down. They moved like ninjas in the dark. Scary. Where the hell did they come from?!!

I think Mercella’s death was the worst one from the previous season, especially with the … family moment, moments before. Though I don’t expect that to happen in the books (haven’t gotten through book 5 yet) just doesn’t seem right to take place.

How can Cersei also say it is good to see Tommen, if she isn’t even looking at him?! What?! And good luck trying to tear down the Sept establishment. It’s what is holding the masses together, least it appears so.

Oh Tyrion, the comic relief. Braver than me to try and go and see the dragons. Though it’s a good day when we see how big they are getting, and how much CGI work is getting put into production. He does have the best lines in the entire series, I have to say. Yes Tyrion, we shall punch you in the face for any more ideas like that.

It must be so hard for Arya, to try and leave behind all that she held dear, especially when given the opportunity to get her vision back. I could’ve cried at that. I would like to see her become a well known assassin in the world at the end of the series.

Urgh, Boltons. I’m just going to grumble to myself with them. I don’t despise many people, real or fiction, but these two are in my top five of despicable people ever. Especially Ramsey. Ha! Double kill Jon Snow, Ramsey?? All I can say is good luck. … Uh-oh. Legitimate boy… Uh… well, did not expect that to happen, though, it is Ramsey afterall. I thought he’d kill the babe first… Ahh… nevermind. (RIP Roose Bolton, Lady Walda and baby) Bastard.

I do like this, even if it doesn’t happen in the book. I’m glad that Sansa has gotten with Brianne now. I just hope she stays safe long enough to take back Winterfell from the Boltons.

You sir, should be dead!! … There’s one way to write it into the series, even though I don’t recall anyone seeing it happen in the books. I’m trying to recall the brothers of the Greyjoy family, but it isn’t coming to me. The Kingsmoot was partially my favourite bit from the books, though it seemed a bit of a filler to show what was happening elsewhere.

I did wonder on if this would come up in the books with Jon, though I do wish that the writers had done this with Lady Stoneheart first. From the books and what I had heard, she got ruthless. Why is Ghost gone quiet? … Oh.. …. YES!!!!!

What will Jon Snow become after this… I wonder?? Huh, I just realised there was no Dany in this episode… Next week then.

Always the end cliff hanger!! Now to wait for next week, damnit!!

There is so much going on in Westeros now, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with it all. This was very seat gripping, I will admit. Really looking forward to next weeks episode now.


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