Westside Story – Upcoming Season Premiere

This has been a long time coming for the silver screens in New Zealand. Seeing the story before the story that Kiwis have come to love, share and discuss.

The series has been written by the same people that brought the nation Outrageous Fortune (2005 – 2010).

Rita (Prebble) and Ted (de Lautour) the heads of the West family
Rita (Prebble) and Ted (de Lautour) the heads of the West family

One of the cast members from Outrageous is making a return for the prequel, though playing a much more central role.

Antonia Prebble played young Loretta West previously, as well as a young Rita West in ‘homemade films’ during Outrageous, will hopefully be fully emmersed as the character of Rita West. Prebble has become a house-hold name in New Zealand, not just with Outrageous, but also The Blue Rose; another series from the minds of the O.F. creators, The Tribe, which gained an International following.

Alongside Prebble’s Rita as the infamous Theodore ‘Ted’ West is one Christchurch-born David de Latour, from such shows in the States like NCIS, and Once Upon A Time. Even from what has been shown of it so far, it looks to be an epic six episodes.

Keep the date open. The thirty-first of May at eight thirty on TV3.


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